Bank Account / NI Number

Bank Account

Bank AccountOpen an Account from your home country
Some banks enable you to open a bank account in the UK from your home country. Generally they will require you to make a sizable initial deposit in the UK account.

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Open an Account when you arrive
Should you choose to wait until after your arrival in the UK to open a bank account, be prepared for delays.

You will need proof of identification and address verification in the UK.

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It may aid the process if you were to bring a letter to the UK from your current bank branch in your home country stating how long you have been a customer and that your account is in good standing (hopefully it is!) If a letter of that type cannot be obtained, bring a recent and original banking statement ensuring that both your name and home address are shown on it.

National Insurance Number

National InsuranceEveryone working in the UK pays National Insurance (NI) in addition to their normal taxes.

How do I get my National Insurance (NI) Number?

When you arrive in the UK, to apply for an NI number yourself you will need to make an appointment for an Evidence of Identity (EOI) Interview at your local Job Centre Plus.

Take with You to your interview

Valid passport (UK or foreign)
National identity card (UK or foreign)
Residence permit or residence card
Full birth certificate / Adoption certificate
Full marriage certificate / Civil partnership certificate
Driving licence (UK or foreign)

Applying for a National Insurance Number

What to expect at the ‘Evidence of Identity’ interview

The interview will usually be one-to-one (unless, for example, you need an interpreter). You will be asked questions about who you are, why you need an National Insurance number, your background and circumstances. During the interview an application for an National Insurance number form will be completed and you will be asked to sign this form.

If you don’t have any official documents you still have to go to the interview. The information you are able to provide might be enough to prove your identity.

DWP will accept a range of documents (originals, not photocopies) when you are proving your identity. The following list is not exhaustive and you should always bring as many identity documents as you can to your interview.

What happens after the interview

If you were asked to provide additional information you will need to do this by the agreed date. Jobcentre Plus will then write to you letting you know whether your application has been successful or not and notifying you of your National Insurance number where appropriate.

You should tell your employer your National Insurance number as soon as you know it.

However you obtain your National Insurance number normally you’ll get a plastic National Insurance number card too. This may take up to 12 weeks from when you applied.

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