Job Search Tips and Advice

Create your profile and be the first to apply for new jobs

The quickest and easiest way to start your job search for the UK is to register, don’t forget to include:

  • CV
  • Contact Details
  • Photo
  • Information about you and your experience

Once registered, all matching jobs will be sent direct to your inbox. Managers also have access to the CV data base to search through candidates and contact you regarding their vacancies.

How to Apply For Jobs?

When applying for positions – press the apply on line button – which will send your C.V and details direct to each relevant manager, if they have listed a telephone number, please give them a call to follow through your application.

When to start applying for jobs?

You can start applying for vacancies as soon as you like, providing you are giving the employers all the useful information they would need to consider your application, for example:

  • Confirmed arrival date to the UK
  • Visa / passport details
  • Availability to start a position
  • How long you can commit to their position
  • Best way to contact you

Confirming your Job

To confirm and give both you and the employer confidence that “the job is yours” make sure you stay in contact with your new employer keeping them updated on your arrival date and time. The last thing you or the employer would want is assuming you or they are no longer interested and loosing the position/candidate.

Should your situation change or you “find a better offer” please be kind enough to let relevant managers know, just as you would expect them to inform you should they find “a more suitable candidate”